Starting from the results of another EVS project and analyzing the need of the local community to have a fresh air which is also a need of the European community, we decided that a new volunteering project is needed to acomplish the principles and meet the objectives of the European Solidarity Corps. The short-term goal of the project is to implement a 12-month volunteering internship for 10 young people with fewer opportunities, young people who need social inclusion and intercultural learning in a non-formal context. On the long term, the project aims to help in order to educate local communities to protect the environment, to help preserving a clean environment in the Cozia National Park and to determine the local community from Valcea County to propose that the beech forest from Buila Vanturarita National Park to be included in the UNESCO patrimony.

The “Volunteering for environmental education” project is a follow-up of another volunteering project implemented by FCASEC in the Dragasani’s community between 13.03.2017 and 12.03.2018 (see: This project was attended by 6 volunteers who have implemented voluntary activities specific to environmental education, environmental protection, and promotion of outdoor exercise.

The project addresses to a current issue of young people from the Dragasani’s community and the rural communities around Dragasani: the lack of involvement of young people in the democratic life of the local community, their lack of involvement in volunteering activities, lack of attitude towards environmental protection and demotivation to continue the necessary school studies that arerequired.

The purpose of the project is to promote the development of social, civic and  intercultural competencies and also to promote the critical thinking among 8 EVS volunteers who have fewer opportunities and among 450 youngsters from 6  social-economically disadvantaged  communities from Valcea county.

 The specific objectives of the project are:

- 8 volunteers with fewer opportunities will acquire (over a 12 month EVS activity) social, civic and critical thinking competencies. This fact will lead to overcoming of the fewer opportunity situation by the end of the project. 

-The development of intercultural competencies and a fighting poverty attitude, discrimination and violence among youngsters.

- Promoting the active participation of 8 volunteers and youngsters from the communities of the project to the civic and democratic life of Europe regarding the European Parliament elections from 2019.

The project "Be Green-Be Solidar" is a continuation of another volunteering project completed on 31/3/2018: "Green Life- Choose your side!" The main purpose of this new project is to promote solidarity among the local community from Dragasani city and among 6 other rural communities in the south of Valcea county (Fumureni, Lungesti, Prundeni, Maciuca, Vitomiresti and Dobrusa) in order to protect the environment, active participation in the democratic life of the local communities and topromote social inclusion through solidarity activities.

Between 25 November-1 December 2019, two youth workers from FCASEC took part in a training course organised in Sinop, Turkey.

The objecties was:

O1: Supporting participants to deal with the current context of young people’s lives and for transferring fundamental values to the societies where they live. 

O2:Exploring bias, fears and failures, focused on risks in NGO work connected with the most problematic issues: a need to find best methods to reach the sensitive young people, critical thinking, sense of initiative of young people, fund raising for the activities and call for volunteers.