About us

The Association “Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica”, made in December 2003, has a social, non-politic and non-profit character, and has no financial pourpose.

The association’s goal is the promotion of the young ones in Romania, the givening of financial support and the stimulation of activities in this area. 

There a taken in consideration the following  activities:

  • making programmes in the social area
  • volunteer activities
  • rural development
  • organising foreign languages classes
  • making activities that support art and culture
  • the development transnational partnership relations between institutions involved in this area


  1. Soare Catalin-President
  2. Soare Florina-Vicepresident
  3. Bunea Aurelia-Administrative
  4. Enacache Antoanela-Trainer
  5. Carcadia Catalin-Trainer
  6. Deaconeasa Andreea-Trainer
  7. Cosac Monica-Mentor
  8. Dascalete Burtea Alexandru-IT
  9. Popescu Alin-Publicity
  10. Cherciu Mirela-Financial
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