Volunteers attack, Volunteers World and Active Projects 3 EVS projects lead by Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi.This projects involve 7 volunteers wich will perform an EVS stage of 12 months.

Onur Ozgur Dermani,Mehmet Cila and Dogancan Cetin started them EVS on 1 October 2012.Kahraman Uzan,Samet Sen start them  EVS project on 1 November.

 Abali Fatih and Muharrem Erdogan started them EVS project on 12 December 2012.





Shape your life is an EVS project lead by Alternatif genclik Calismalari Dernegi in partenriat with our association.The first stage of the project involved 2 volunteers(Emre Karabulut and Kenan Olgac) wich perfom volunteers activities between 4 December 2012-4 June 2013.

Ethnic Minorities playing an active role in Europe 2020 Strategy

European Citizenship Project

This project is aimed at ethnic minorities, promoting debate and reflection on existing policies in Europe,specifically 2020 Strategy, bringing them closer to the objectives and guidelines, strengthening active citizenship in their community. Through this project, the ethnic minorities are invited to express their voice, to propose initiatives and recommendations about this recently approved strategy, and identify gaps and needs concerning the EU. In a changing Europe, where ethnic minorities are a growing reality in our society, it is important to gather their views on matters that are the key European challenges for the future, and promote social inclusion through the active participation of minorities in the process. The main objectives are:- Strengthen methods to stimulate interaction and active discussion on certain areas of European Strategy that will affect their daily lives; Establish mechanisms to allow European citizens to develop civic skills, express their views and opinions as recommendations to policymakers at the European level; Encourage dialogue between citizens and institutions, involving the European population in EU policies and their implications; Reinvigorating active European citizenship; Ensure an adequate monitoring of citizens' views on the EU side; Bridging the gap between citizens and the European Union;Explore ways to promote ethnic minorities´ involvement in European topics.For this, partners will organize local Forums in each municipality for ethnic minorities, for analysis and debate; open workshops to increase information and work on practical aspects of European policies; one website including a panel of citizens online and e-learning platform; and one transnational Forum, attended by European leaders to inform and share opinions, with edition of DVD with 250 recommendations for EU representatives, relating to ethnic minorities in the EU.



“Mediul inconjurator, o provocare pentru Europa” – sub acest nume s-a desfasurat in perioada 23 – 30 August 2012, un schimb de tineri in localitatea Chateau de la Roche – Loire (Franta). Proiectul a fost finantat de UE prin programul “Tineret in Actiune”, Actiunea 1.1 (Schimburi de tineri).


Romania a fost reprezentata in proiect de catre ONG-ul valcean “Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica”(www.fcasec.com). Pentru participarea la activitatile de proiect, FCASEC a selectat 10 tineri cu varste cuprinse intre 16 si 18 ani, care au fost insotiti de un leader de grup. Acestia au participat la activitatile desfasurate in localitatea franceza, alaturi de alti tineri din Spania, Estonia si Franta.

One of the product of MediaYouth project is an online radio.

The online radio is made by participants of MediaYouth project, project financed by European Comission under Youth in the World action.
  On this radio, everybody can listen traditional music from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cameroun, Zambia and Ghana, informal shows about youth in action programme and about other international mobilities.
One time per week, the radio will have special guest wich will discuss about european policy for young people, about civic participation of young people in community life about how we can increase the motivation of young people to take part in european activities.
  The radio will show theatre forum play where actors are european volunteers,will show outdoor activities made by young people.
 STAY CONTECTED WITH US at www.mediayouth.eu/content/radio