"GREEN LIFE" volunteers will invite you on 19 September 2014,at "Antim Ivireanul"Library in Ramnicu Valcea for launcing of media campaign about environment and Cozia National Park.See the promo


FCASEC in parteneriat cu Angelus Silesius House din Polonia, implementeaza un proiect inovativ de voluntariat, unde 6 tineri romani,desfasoara un stagiu SEV de 6 saptamani in Polonia. Cei 6 voluntari (Ana-Maria Manu, Stefan Daniel Lipan, Roxana Oanes, Carmina Elena Vant, Mihai Tatar,Andreea Golea) desfasoara o serie de activitati non-formale in sprijinul comunitatilor defavorizate.

The project"Disability wins,humanity wins 2" is a group EVSproject where young people from Turkey are hosted for 2 month EVS stage by FCASEC in Dragasani city.

The project ”New approach to EVS” is a group EVS project which involves  volunteers coming from Turkey. The EVS stage will be held in Rm Valcea and  Dragasani city and its surrounding areas.



“Green Life” is a follow up of another EVS project, which was concluded in April 2013. Green Life is a group EVS project which will be implemented by 7 youth organizations active in the domain of environment protection end environmental education, with expertise in working in national natural parks. The promoters represent the following countries: Romania, Spain, France, Turkey, Argentina, China and Zambia. All the promoters have experience in working with young people in national natural parks.