poza articol.jpg“Art for Environment" is the type of art which helps us to improuve our relationship with the nature and to educate ourselves about the environment issues.

The idea of this project occurred among 10 young people from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy, participants in the summer of 2015 in a youth exchange within a youth mobility project - Erasmus +.

The project aims to promote the concept of "environmental art" creating a connection between youth and nature, building a sustainable relationship between youth and nature.

green life-choose your side.jpgThe "Green Life Choose your side!" projects proposes to implement a voluntary service for a period of 12 months, in order to promote healthy life style among youth through movement, outdoor activities, sports and environmental education.

The "Green Life Choose your side!" project is a follow-up of another volunteer project, implemented by FCASEC in the local community Dragasani, in the period October 1st, 2014-September 30,  2015.

The idea of this new project started from FCASEC volunteers who conducted in the period September - December 2015 an iformation campaign for young people about the negative effect of drugs, hallucinogens, tobacco and alcohol..

The main activities implemented within the EVS stage will be: media campaigns about the negative effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol consum, workshops on a healthy lifestyle, environmental education workshops, public events.

go for voluntarism.jpgGo for voluntarism" project aims to fight against youth unemployment and poverty resulting from this and to develop creativity and entrepreneurship among young people.

This project emerged from the need to provide alternative educational activities for young people from economically disadvantaged communities, including Roma communities, for them to acquire a spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship to be able to overcome the condition of reduced opportunity.

In the last two years, FCASEC had realized several educational programs in economically disadvantaged communities in Valcea county, on which occasion we noticed that young people from these communities are open to new perspectives and are interested in participating in educational activities developed by non- education methods formal.


SEEDs among NEETs: Spreading Entrepreneurship and Economic Development among NEETs 2016-1-BG01-KA205-023497

Eurostat 2014 data on NEETs shows EU rates of 16.5%. Only 7.5% are unemployed persons, i.e. have had a job and are seeking one. 7.8% of the NEETs are totally inactive people, i. e. are not interested in either education or training or in employment.
By addressing the above problems the partnership is striving to achieve the following:
To enhance the capacity of rural youth workers to support NEETs and get them involved in local community life, the training system and/or the labour market.
To provide non-formal learning opportunities for people active in youth work from rural areas.
To foster quality improvements in the youth work of the participating organizations.



International Training about Leadership

Forumul Cetatenesc Pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica will take part in the European Training "Leadership +", that will take place in Portugal, from 3rd to 10th of November.

This training will involve 34 participants from different countries (Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia). This international Training is part of the Erasmus + program, funded by the European Commission.