Looking for a Romanian EVS candidate with the following features:

• creative, patient and proactive person;

• a friendly, communicative and active attitude;

• wishing of developing interpersonal relationships;

• strong interest in volunteering in the context described below and to have intensive experience of work with people with disabilities;

• willingness for live in a small, traditional and provincial town;

I went on the road and woke up an European Volunteer

Context  (personal,  socio-cultural)

           Padova.jpg I have been in Italy for almost 5 (five ) months, with EVS (European Voluntary Service). When I was 25 years old, I left the table, the house and everything was familiar and confortable to me until that date and just took the plunge/ launched myself into the world. And all this so that  I could find confusion, doubt, disappointment, panic, helplessness, unawareness, happiness, balance, amusement, friendship, hope. To be more precise, my experience on EVS is not what I expected/imagined  to be, but  for sure it offers me everything I need to (re)discover myself.

            After I have graduated from University ( Faculty of Social Assistance) and after almost 3 (three) years of volunteering (for human rights LGBTQIA+ ), I found myself  exhausted, lacking ideas, energy, will of getting involved and lacking the hope that the things that I can do could make a change. Therefore I thought that a volunteering service (intership) somewhere far from Romania could help me reconsider my future actions and path.

            Said and done. I have chosen to come to Italy, in a small town called Bassano del Grappa, located an hour far from Venice. I thought that nothing can be better than la dolve vita italiana (the sweet Italian life) that could heal my soul, with good food, warm people and heavenly landscapes. But, as always, things were more complex than I thought.

To put it bluntly, I have to admit December has been the easiest month so far. The language barrier is starting to go away, which in return means it’s becoming much easier for me to get immersed in the local culture, this being a very strong point concerned to my stay in Lisbon.

Destination: Madrid

“My name is Ana, the European volunteer.”

I used that phrase a lot in my first few months here. I think I particularly like it because it almost didn’t happen…

Last summer I found out that my project in Madrid was cancelled due to a misunderstand between the Romanian and the Spanish agencies. I was extremely dissapointed at the time, but luckily, the issue was fixed and at the end of September I was told that I could go to Madrid.

V for Volunteer" is an EVS hosting project and Istanbul Arel University is the hosting organisation.
We will host 2 volunteers for 6 months from Romania. We already have partners in the project and we are not looking for new sending organsiations. We just need 2 volunteer from Romania and 2 volunteer from Poland.

Volunteers will be working in Istanbul Arel University's Tepekent Campuss which is indicated in below.

Working hours and days off:
30 h per week, Monday - Friday, 2 consecutive days off per week.
2 days holidays per month for the duration of the project.
The EVS will develop mutual understanding between people from Turkish and European cultural backgrounds.