Starting from the results of another EVS project and analyzing the need of the local community to have a fresh air which is also a need of the European community, we decided that a new volunteering project is needed to acomplish the principles and meet the objectives of the European Solidarity Corps. The short-term goal of the project is to implement a 12-month volunteering internship for 10 young people with fewer opportunities, young people who need social inclusion and intercultural learning in a non-formal context. On the long term, the project aims to help in order to educate local communities to protect the environment, to help preserving a clean environment in the Cozia National Park and to determine the local community from Valcea County to propose that the beech forest from Buila Vanturarita National Park to be included in the UNESCO patrimony.

The specific objectives of the project are: O1: Promoting solidarity as a value among 10 young people with lower opportunities from 5 EU countries. The young people will implement volunteering activities in order to support environmental protection and environmental education. O2: Offering to those 10 young volunteers qualified support in order to be involved in solidarity activities, which will lead to the acquisition of new social and civic competences. O3: Promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities among 10 volunteers and among 1,000 young people from Valcea community. O4: Developing new partnerships between youth organizations across Europe that have a common goal in order to protect the environment and eco-education among young people. The results of the project will be:

1.Ecologizing two beech forests from the Cozia National Park and a beech forest from Buila-Vanturarita National Park.

2.Re-marking the touristic trails from those three beech forests.

3. Planting trees in those two national parks.

4. Creating interactive maps with the beech forests of those two national parks.

5. Making a documentation in order to propose the beech forest of Buila-Vanturarita National Park to be in the UNESCO patrimony.

6. Ecological education workshops in 8 schools from the countryside.

7. Brochure with non-formal education methods which are specific to environmental education and environmental protection. The immediate impact of the project will be to promote youth solidarity in 6 European communities. For the long term, the project will have impact in terms of promoting environmental protection and environmental education, including declaring a beech forest in the Park National Buila-Vanturarita, as a UNESCO heritage.

What activities do you plan to implement? What is the number and profile of the participants

The profile  of volunteer is:

- age between 18-30 years old.
- number equal of boy and girls.
- young people interested to work on environment in order to promote healthy lifestyle.
-young people with fewer opportunities.
The CV’s and letter of motivation must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1.Alesandro Rocci-Italy

2.Yaiza Sanjorge Corrales-Spain.

3.Andreu Ibanez Rodriguez-Spain.

4.Elena Juarez Rocamora-Spain.

5.Helene Geige-Latvia

6.Anil Bayir-Turkey

7.Destina Su Cebi-Turkey

8.Murat Celik-Turkey

9.Bilge Cafer-Turkey.

10.Julie-Levy Huet-France

11.Valentin Petrilli-France.

12.Antonia Bell-UK.