The purpose of the project is to promote the development of social, civic and  intercultural competencies and also to promote the critical thinking among 8 EVS volunteers who have fewer opportunities and among 450 youngsters from 6  social-economically disadvantaged  communities from Valcea county.

 The specific objectives of the project are:

- 8 volunteers with fewer opportunities will acquire (over a 12 month EVS activity) social, civic and critical thinking competencies. This fact will lead to overcoming of the fewer opportunity situation by the end of the project. 

-The development of intercultural competencies and a fighting poverty attitude, discrimination and violence among youngsters.

- Promoting the active participation of 8 volunteers and youngsters from the communities of the project to the civic and democratic life of Europe regarding the European Parliament elections from 2019.

- An exchange of good practices in social inclusion domain and the volunteering between the EU and Balkans countries.

 The results of the project will be:

- An EVS activity over a 12-month period for 8 volunteers with fewer opportunities.

- 6 NEET clubs founded in 6 socio-economically disadvantaged communities from Valcea county.

- The Facebook page of the project.

- The web page of the project.

- The brochure which will include a Methodology of social inclusion through volunteering activities

 On the short term, the project proposes to implement an EVS activity, where 8 volunteers with fewer opportunities will make volunteering activities regarding social inclusion of 450 youngsters with fewer opportunities,

 On the long term, the project proposes the foundation of a long term partnership between EU and West Balkans countries, a partnership whose connection will be FCASEC association. This partnership will promote social inclusion among youngsters with fewer opportunities through different mobility projects and also through an exchange of good practices in social inclusion domain.


The profile  of volunteer is:

- age between 18-30 years old.
- number equal of boy and girls.
- young people interested to work on environment in order to promote healthy lifestyle.
-young people with fewer opportunities.
The CV’s and letter of motivation must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1.Gjorgji Kostovski-Macedonia

2.Pablo Moralles Martin-Spain

3.Eda Ak-Turkey.

4.Safiye Kurtulus-Turkey.

5.Onur Kuru-Turkey.

6.Menekse Korkmaz-Turkey.

7.Esra Gurbak-Turkey

8.Murat Yigit-Turkey

9.Aysegul Telli-Turkey.