The project "Be Green-Be Solidar" is a continuation of another volunteering project completed on 31/3/2018: "Green Life- Choose your side!" The main purpose of this new project is to promote solidarity among the local community from Dragasani city and among 6 other rural communities in the south of Valcea county (Fumureni, Lungesti, Prundeni, Maciuca, Vitomiresti and Dobrusa) in order to protect the environment, active participation in the democratic life of the local communities and topromote social inclusion through solidarity activities.

In the short term, the project aims to facilitate the participation in a 12-month volunteering internship, 10 volunteers from the countries of the program and partner countries of the program to voluntary activities of solidarity in order to strengthen the cohesion, solidarity, friendship and European values among them.Also in the short term, the project aims to contribute to overcoming the situations of reduced opportunity faced by the participants and to contribute to their social inclusion including finding a job after the project is completed.

In the long term, the project aims at the following goals:

-to promote Dragasani-Valcea communities and 6 other rural areas, the spirit of solidarity, human values, democracy and environmental protection.

- offering alternatives for leisure for young people from local communities, including through sports and outdoor activities and ecological education activities.

- the social inclusion of the Roma communities in Dragasani, Gantulei, Strejesti and Dobrusa, including through the implementation of media and fundraising campaigns, which will draw the attention of local and national authorities to the problems faced by these communities.

Between 1.5-30.7.2020 will took place the selection of volunteers for  project

The profile volunteer is:
- age between 18-30 years old.
- number equal of boy and girls.
- young people interested to work on environment in order to promote healthy lifestyle.
-young people with fewer opportunities.
The CV’s and letter of motivation must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  1. Saif Aldeen-Iordania
  2. Sufian Nashwan-Iordania
  3. Maryam Garas-Tunisia
  4. Elvira Mustafaeva-Rusia
  5. Daria Khornaukova-Rusia
  6. Recep Durgun-Turcia.
  7. Firat Uzel-Turcia.
  8. Ali Donmez-Turcia
  9. Ilia Gusev-Rusia
  10. Sandro Vacheisvili-Georgia.