Between 25 November-1 December 2019, two youth workers from FCASEC took part in a training course organised in Sinop, Turkey.

The objecties was:

O1: Supporting participants to deal with the current context of young people‚Äôs lives and for transferring fundamental values to the societies where they live. 

O2:Exploring bias, fears and failures, focused on risks in NGO work connected with the most problematic issues: a need to find best methods to reach the sensitive young people, critical thinking, sense of initiative of young people, fund raising for the activities and call for volunteers. 

O3: Fostering the quality of the managemental skills of the participants in human resources, financing, and public relations.

O4: Improving the leadership and entrepreneurship skills of the participants with study cases and simulations. 

O5: Promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue, building multi-cultural educational atmosphere by making networks and partnerships .

During 7 days, participants from Azerbaidjan, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Italia, Jordan, Lituania, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia learn and change ideas about running and management of an NGO.

One result of the TC can be donwloand   HERE