logo 1.png"Green-Color of creativity" project is a follow-up of another volunteering project, implemented by FCASEC, during the period 01.02.2016 to 31.01.2017, in Dragasani and adjacent communes/municipalities. (see: www.greenrivers.ro ).

In February 2017, along with parteners and volunteers, the final report of this project has been carried out, and one of its significant conclusions was to continue the promotion activities for ecological education and the protection of the environment from Dragasani community, but also from the rural, bordering parts of Dragasani.

The project results will be:

- Voluntary service for 8 young people from NEET category, 12 months intership, on the protection of the environment and ecological education.

- My web page and the facebook project page.

- The media campaign on the protection of the environment and ecological education.

- Foto exhibition, accomplished by using „photo-voice’’ non-formal education method.

- Network of interested organisations on protecting the environment. Network made up of  organisations from Europe and organisations from partner countries of the project.

On long term, the project will propose a collaboration between the youth from the organisations in Europe and from the partner countries in the area of environmental protection.