FCASEC associacion implemented a new Erasmus + project,this time as sending organisation in partnership with youth associacion from Portugal, Greece, Spain, Estonia and Bulgaria.

 The youth exchange took place in Oeiras-Lisboa between 3-16 July 2018 ane facilitate participation of 6 young people + 1 leader.

The idea of the project is to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to youngsters and give them tools to act in their achievement until 2030.



participatory.pngParticipatory photography is used by community developers and photographers as a tool for engagement, advocacy, skill building and social innovation in their work with disadvantaged and marginalized communities. It recognizes that answers often lie within communities and that photography is a way to tap underutilized assets. Participatory photography is a collaborative and participatory methodology in which participants are supported in generating their own photographic work in order to share life experiences and present the world as they see it.

poza.jpgBetween 1 December 2017-31 January 2018,we hosted 4 turkish volunteers send by SINOPI VALILIGI in an innovative Erasmus + project about how to make voluntary work more valuable for young people.

GROUP PHOTO YW 2017.jpgPatricia Apostolescu and Andreea Saraolu represented FCASEC at Global Youth Forum organised by AIPC Pandora in Madrid.
Youth workers get ready to facilitate the Changemaker Process in their organizations. They become familiar with changemaking concepts, methodologies and curriculum, implementation processes and
facilitator’s skills.
We begin by looking at ourselves, our personal qualities and the journey that got us here. We connect to others and to the ideas of changemaking.
We look around us and share and discuss issues we care about, heart breaks and things that need to change. Mostly,we listen and pick ourfight!
We explore our creativity through innovation techniques to generate collective ideas for change. We put our talents and passions at the heart of it and choose an idea that makes our heart dance!

living the green_logo.pngThe project, “Living the green”, is a follow up to another voluntary project, “Go for green”, implemented between 01.10.2015-01.10.2016. At the end of this project, together with all the 6 EVS volunteers, we realized an impact study with the result that the project was appropriate for all 6 volunteers and for the local communities situated nearby Valcea’s County (where the activities of the project were implemented). The success of this project and the positive feedback received from the local community determinate us to initiate a new voluntary project.

Through this new EVS project, we want to promote ecological education, environment protection and to form the volunteers and the local community in order to have a “Green Spirit”. We also want to determinate them to be actively involved in order to protect the environment and to have a healthy lifestyle.