One of the product of MediaYouth project is an online radio.

The online radio is made by participants of MediaYouth project, project financed by European Comission under Youth in the World action.
  On this radio, everybody can listen traditional music from Romania, Italy, Greece, Cameroun, Zambia and Ghana, informal shows about youth in action programme and about other international mobilities.
One time per week, the radio will have special guest wich will discuss about european policy for young people, about civic participation of young people in community life about how we can increase the motivation of young people to take part in european activities.
  The radio will show theatre forum play where actors are european volunteers,will show outdoor activities made by young people.


“Greenthinksers” projects is a voluntary project that involves young people from Europe and South America. The project will be held in Valcea county, in Romania.

The thems of the projects are: environment protection, ecological education and promoting outdoor activities.

The specific objectives of the project are:

 To improve environmental education programmes for volunteers;

 To promote non-formal education methonds through open air activities and involving in solving evironment problems in Cozia National Park, Valcea community, European and African comunities.

 To help young people with fewer opportunities to participate in volunteering activities.

 To establish friendship conexions between youngh people from Romania, Europe and Africa through solidarity and tolerance.

 To promote cultural diversity as an instrument for intercutural education among youth.

« Green Life » EVS project.

1. why did you choose to participate in an EVS project .

I was personaly motivated with the idea of spending one year abroad in a way you can integrate the local society. You're not there as a student or as a turist, you took part in the society life as a volunteer by yours officials tasks but also by your participation in the social life.

I also was at a point of my life I needed to have practical experiences of working after many years of school and university.

2. why did you choose Romania.

I first choose a project, a mission that I was motivated for and that I thought I can be useful in. I found projects like this in different countries of Eastern Europe.

Between 17-20 September will take place in Berlin the 4 meeting of the MOVE Grundtvig project. See agenda here

“Volunteer for nature” project aims at implementing an EVS placement in order to promote environmantal education and protection in rural comunities and Roma comunities in the area of Dragasani city.
Project’s specific objectives:
  • Enhancing and acquring new skills for ten volunteers in the field of environmental education and protection
  • Acquiring skills by the volunteers in the field of intercultural education 
  • Combating poverty and marginalization in Roma communities through active involvement of European volunteers to solve social problems.
  • Promoting volunteering within the local communities of promoters
  • Promoting non-formal learning through outdoor activities and active participation of young people by involving volunteers and solving environmental problems in the city of Dragasani.
  • Strengthening the European dimension in partner organizations by providing examples of good practice in volunteering.
  • Promoting active citizenship of ten volunteers through their direct involvement in all phases of the project.
  • Promoting environmental education and environmental protection in schools from Dragasani area, including schools attended by Roma students.