The project ”New approach to EVS” is a group EVS project which involves  volunteers coming from Turkey. The EVS stage will be held in Rm Valcea and  Dragasani city and its surrounding areas.



“Green Life” is a follow up of another EVS project, which was concluded in April 2013. Green Life is a group EVS project which will be implemented by 7 youth organizations active in the domain of environment protection end environmental education, with expertise in working in national natural parks. The promoters represent the following countries: Romania, Spain, France, Turkey, Argentina, China and Zambia. All the promoters have experience in working with young people in national natural parks.

İs a new EVS project where FCASEC host 2 turkish volunteers(Esra Alparslan and Merve Yetman) sendt by Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi.The main activities of the volunteers are conected with social education for rroma communities.

Here is an exemple of activities:

Organizing specific activities of spending the free time, outdoor activities, sport games and ecological education activities for the young people from rroma and rural communities (painting, music, photo, video, foreign languages, IT, communication and participation workshops). Through those activities, the volunteers will contribute to their own learning process and ton the learning process of the young people from rroma and rural communities. The volunteers will be split in 2 working groups (each group 2 volunteers helped by 2 persons from ATFPD staff) and will implement, in clubs organized in the village Cultural House, workshops for young people from rroma and rural area to spend their free time: painting, music, photo, film, foreign languages, It and communication workshops. 

Hello everybody :d


My name is Isabela, I am 22 years old and I was born in Busteni, Romania.

From 06-10-2013 my new home is in Lisbon where I will stay 10 months, I live with 7 girls 4 Spanish and 3 Italians. We have a very good relation and we take care of each other.

I am a dance teacher in CEDNossa Senhora da Conceição a school that has kids with ages between 3 to 15 years old.

“EVS on the move in Balearic Islands” is the name of the partnership building activity in which FCASEC took part as partner, in the period 6-11 October 2013, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The project was coordinated by Centre d`Estudis de l`Espai and Calvia Municipality, with the support of Youth in Action Program, Action 4.3. The project has gathered together 20 representatives of 17 youth bodies from Spain, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, Germany and Poland, with experience in the European Voluntary Service program.