Another EVS sending project implemented by FCASEC in partnership with Associacao Juvenil Proatlantico.Here you can see the exerience of our volunteer during the project.


Experiența EVS în Portugalia a fost una dintre cele mai frumoase experiențe trăite.

Between September and December 2015, FCASEC is partner in an experience exchange with a youth organization from China – Evergreen.

“Time to Act” este numele proiectului european in care organizatia Forumul Cetatenesc pentru Actiune Sociala si Educatie Civica a fost implicata in calitate de partener. In cadrul acestui proiect, 5 tineri din judetul Valcea, insotiti de un leader din partea organziatiei, au luat parte la o mobilitate de tineret in perioada 24 August – 4 Septembrie 2015, in localitatea Oeiras, Portugalia. 


 FCASEC took part in another youth exchange project finaced by Erasmus + action.We wish that this activity become a special moment in every participant’s personal life, as a result of the share of culture, experiences among all participants.

During this time, the young people will take part in several activities under the main topics of European Awareness and Education through sport and outdoor activities. Each day there will be a subject regarding Europe and activities to explore that subject. Some examples are European Citizenship, Culture, Heritage, Sports, Youth or Environment.

Training course 6th – 10th July 2015, Canakkale Turkey

  FCASEC is partner in a TC project financed by Erasmus + project.

In this TC will take part 9 groups of youth from Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Armenia and Bulgaria. In each group will be 4 participants (there is no age limit but we prefer the participants not to be under 18).

Please during the selection process take in consideration the gender equality.

The official language of this training will be English language. In order to make the participation on a high level and this project successful, please while choosing your participants take in mind their English language knowledge.

 The participants from Romania are:

1.Soare Catalin
2.Mureanu Georgeta
3.Dascalete-Burtea Alexandru
4.Soare Vlad.