go green1.jpgGo  For Green” Project is a follow up of another voluntary project, “Greenthinkers”. “Go Green” projects adds value to “Greenthinkers” project through the fact that in the project activities are involved rural rroma communities from Inatesti, Simbotin, Racovita and Caineni. Another novelty will be the realization of greening campaigns and of promoting the promenade area of Capela hill (situated in Rm valcea city). Not least, the project will ensure the visibility of Erasmus+ program and there will be organized information sessions and seminars for young people regarding the opportunities of participation to Erasmus+ program.

"Green Rivers" is a voluntary project that aims to continue to another dimension, the voluntary activities implemented by FCASEC Association since 2008, in the field of environmental protection and environmental education among young people.
Also, "Green Rivers" will valorize another voluntary project implemented by FCASEC in Dragasani community during 2013-2014 (see www.thinkgreen.voluntarpentrunatura.eu).green rivers.jpg

FCASEC is a partner in a new youth exchange togheter with Associacao Juvenil Proatlantico.
The Youth Exchange “Act for Our Europe” will take place in Oeiras, Portugal, and has as main topics: EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, Inclusion- Equality and Healthy Life-style and active ageing .
The project will involve 9 organizations from: Portugal, France, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Greece and Slovenia.poza fcasec.jpg

Another EVS sending project implemented by FCASEC in partnership with Associacao Juvenil Proatlantico.Here you can see the exerience of our volunteer during the project.


Experiența EVS în Portugalia a fost una dintre cele mai frumoase experiențe trăite.

Between September and December 2015, FCASEC is partner in an experience exchange with a youth organization from China – Evergreen.