The project “Con – Ciudadanos: Introduction to social and civic involvement with young people in Spain and Romania”  aims to encourage active civic and policy youth participation of two social entities with youth character of two cities from two  European countries (Olías del Rey in Spain and Râmnicu Vâlcea in Romania). To achieve this goal will be associated with two other organizations with expertise in issues related to social participation, which through awareness and training on the concepts and rights relating to social and civic participation enshrined in the International Law and State Laws will provide an initial training of young people. After that, it will perform a meeting of both groups to work together in joint spaces. This meeting will allow them to confront and question levels and areas of participation that exist in your environment, learn strategies for empowering as active citizens, and finally get close to success experiences of others young who have strengthened their Right to Participation as well as social and political bodies that guarantee it.

Members of the four entities will prepare and develop didactic sessions with which to provide training and consolidation of concepts with a total of 16 young members of the entities, through a program developed by themselves. Later, during the meeting time between groups of both countries, they could to expand and complement the training in a sharing space of an intercultural nature. It will complement the gathering with two visits to meet successful experiences in social and civic participation. Finally, they will generate joint conclusions and identify possible strategies for promoting participation in the municipalities.

 The project duration is 6 months.