1 loc pentru un voluntar baiat.
Volunteer will spend the first few weeks ‘shadowing’ staff members in the various projects we are involved with-Local volunteering involving table tennis, office life and sport games and European, organization of EVS, Youth Exchanges and seminars Film person-involved with all aspects of working for social jobs like camera operation, interviewer, training other young people etc
Assistant trainer in table tennis.
Assistant officer.
Assistant project leader to develop and improve Youth in Action projects.
Assistant teacher in native languages.
Assistant Eurodesk multiplier
Assistant during tournament and matches in table tennis and other sports.
A culture embassy
Primarily the volunteer will spend her 30-35 hour working week at activities in his project. This may also include 5 hours Turkish language and role training, volunteer team meetings, staff team meetings or team days, etc. Timetables/rotes are agreed in consultation with the EVS volunteer, the project manager/supervisor and the coordinator/mentor. Annual leave entitlements accrue at the same rate as a other project team members (i.e. EVS volunteers get approximately 2 days of annual leave for every month volunteered, and also are entitled to take Bank Holidays). He/she will have full accommodation. Volunteer will live in a room in a private facility (close to the complex) with other volunteers. Volunteers will have a supervisor and a mentor.  They will also have the support of Yap staff and the youth leaders, all of whom are experienced at working with inclusion groups. Volunteers will have an orientation training and 24 hour emergency contact cover. Where volunteers need additional support, We will apply for an accompanying person to attend.
Training and support:
Pre-Departure Training, organized by …….. National Agency
On-Arrival Training, organized by Turkish National Agency
Mid-Term Meeting, organized by Turkish National Agency
Final Evaluation organised by ……. National Agency
During the project Volunteer will be supported by the following project staff
·         Burcu Sufi Demirtürk-Project Coordinator
Appropriate, practical training will be provided. Regular reviews will be carried out in order to supportVolunteer to get the most out of her EVS experience.
Volunteer will live in a flat in apartment that is rented by Yap. Volunteer will have bus ticket for 1 month. He will be a guest for table tennis championship and competitions in another cities. He will have full accommodation as well from Yap.
Volunteer will have breakfast, lunch and dinner by facility.
Volunteer will be given an allowance of 85 Euros per month. Initially this will be paid in cash at the start of each month.
Heat, Light and Power
All bills, heat and light, internet are covered by YAP.
Volunteer will receive a holiday entitlement of 2.5 days for every month of her EVS – in this case this equates to 30 days.
Whilst volunteering with YAP all volunteers are covered under our insurance policies.  However, it is the responsibility of the Sending organisation to arrange travel insurance.
All parties are obliged to emphasise the support of the Youth in Action Programme in all informational materials or activities financed within the grant in the following way: “This [publication, video, or other activity] was made possible through support provided by the European Community Youth in Action Programme”.