participatory.pngParticipatory photography is used by community developers and photographers as a tool for engagement, advocacy, skill building and social innovation in their work with disadvantaged and marginalized communities. It recognizes that answers often lie within communities and that photography is a way to tap underutilized assets. Participatory photography is a collaborative and participatory methodology in which participants are supported in generating their own photographic work in order to share life experiences and present the world as they see it.

Intercultural dialogue is the communication and the exchange of opinions and information between people with different cultural and social backgrounds. In a very diverse Europe, where migrants flow and refugee crises is still dividing communities, it is more and more important to deepen the understanding of the characteristics of the other. During the proposed 12 days mobility, youth and youth leaders will learn what participatory photography method is and how it can be used as a powerful tool for intercultural dialogue.


 - tanar cu varsta intre 17-24 ani.

 - numar egal de fete si baieti.

 - tineri cu oportunitati reduse si tineri care se inscriu in categoria NEETs.

- tineri interesati de dialogul intercultural ca forma de invatare.

 - tineri cu simt artistic.

- cunostinte medii de limba engleza.


 For participation in the project send your CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.