VSI is an ERASMUS + EVS project where Manuela,participate in an EVS stage in Italy. See the article about her project.

My name is Manuela. I am 26 years old and I was born in Simleu Silvaniei, Salaj. I was always concerned about topics such as minorities, social inclusion, tolerance and non-discriminative attitudes. So, I was very happy when I had the chance to find the perfect volunteering service for me. Since 01 of October 2014, I am an EVS volunteer in Wrocław, Poland. As a volunteer at Angelus Silesius House, I work on social inclusion and educational projects for youth. In fact, Wroclaw is the home of a Romanian Roma Community that lives in a camp.  Together with my association we are developing educational projects for Roma kids and we do the necessary so that they can go to school. Besides that, I am involved in workshops in local high schools and primary schools on different topics.


I work from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00. My colleagues are extremely nice and they are always helping me and the others volunteers. I am very happy because besides the fact that I do what I like, I also have the chance to travel and to learn a new language. And believe me, Polish is a hard one ;)


I strongly recommend this kind of experience for everyone who is ready to learn more, to discover more, to be challenged more and to have a wonderful and unique experience.