The volunteers are: Merve Temiz,Dilsah Busra Kirim,Tora Benzeyen and Pelin Aydin.


The  EVS stage is for 12 month between 1/7/2015-30/6/2016.

The main activities of the volunteers are…….

Making greening activities in Dragăsani town and in the villages around the city Dragasani. Guided by qualified staff of FCASEC but also by local community members, in partnership with the Municipality of Dragasani town and city halls of the villages: Lungesti, Stefanesti Voicesti, Sutesti and Prundeni, the volunteers will carry out ecological activities as: collecting and storing wastes, emplacement of information boards with pro-nature messages and messages of keeping a clean environment, spreading flyers to the local community on environmental education and environmental protection. Thus, through these activities, the volunteers will contribute to the implementation of green behavior among the local community. During these activities, the volunteers will interact with members of the local community.

- Participation to information activities regarding the environmental education, environment protection and promotion of voluntary service in FACSEC Voluntary Center from Dragasani. Guided and counseled by qualified FCASEC staff, the volunteers will participate in info activities in the Voluntary Center FCASEC, activities that will consist of: making invitations for young people and representatives of local authorities that will participate in the debates on environmental education and environmental protection , conducting researches on the internet regarding environmental protection and presentation of the results. Classes of students will be invited to perform specific environmental education activities in the center . On the occasion of these activities, it will be initiated a structured dialogue with local authorities, it will be facilitated debates on the principle of equality between young people and local authorities. Within the center there will be launched photo contests on environmental issues for young people, drawing competitions on environmental issues for students and a volunteer fair addressed to the local community. Also, in this center the volunteers will initiate fundraising campaign by selling items made from recycled materials . Periodically, short films will be presented about the cleanest areas of the world.