TAKE THE FIELD! – YOUNG BUILD THEIR OWN LIFELONG PROJECT is a new project implement by FCASEC from 1 May 2013.The project aims  is to support young, individual or groups, willing to develop their skills and improve their spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship in social, touristic and cultural fields.

TAKE THE FIELD! helps young to choose and define the fields and skills that need to be develop for their personal and professional projects. Young people will be involved in all phases of the project as authors of their own history and future.

Take the field! will implement “TRAINING GROUNDS”: workshops and platforms where youth can develop their life skills and get in touch with businesses and local organizations that support their ideas, helping them to keep in touch with the social needs. “Training grounds” will be implemented in all the countries partner of the project.

Through artistic, creative and participate experiences youth will develop a deep consciousness of their own story and their educational path.

Periodic update meetings will be held among European youth’s working groups (via conference call) in which young workers will present the progress of their ideas.

The project aims the development of at least 15 youth’s business ideas that will be presented in a European meeting: “European Training Ground –the Field of Youth Ideas”.

Take the field! provides the operational involvement of 50 young people and the contact, start-up and spread of the ideas to 2,000 young people.

Particular attention will be paid, during engagement, to the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities and disabilities During all the project representatives of educational institutions, enterprises, public and private bodies will be involved. The methods used, the results achieved and the network will be shared. The young people involved will be responsible to promote the results of the Project. Young will promote the YIA programme as opportunity for young to develop future projects.

The project deals with the creation of a national and international dialogue with key stakeholders (politicians, administrators, educational institutions, associations, companies) with the aim of working together to allow the entry of the young into the world of work and of a civil society. Young people will be invited to check for their needs and the main obstacles that they have to overcome to fit in the contemporary society.

The project helps the young who are interested in the development of their own entrepreneurial idea.

The aim of the project is the experimentation and the development of an educational innovative model based primarily on the involvement of young people in all stages of the project as actors and authors of

their educational process.

The innovation of the project is based both on the network, that the project establishes, either in its methodological assumptions: the young will be invited to carry out a participatory analysis, through

workshops and experiential paths, and to define their own training path according to the skills that they want to develop.

The project is lead by Regione Lombardia (Italy) in parteneriat with Open Interaction Associacion (Bulgaria), Asociacion Cultural Ingalicia (Spain), Municipality of Aveiro (Portugal).