Volunteers attack, Volunteers World and Active Projects 3 EVS projects lead by Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi.This projects involve 7 volunteers wich will perform an EVS stage of 12 months.

Onur Ozgur Dermani,Mehmet Cila and Dogancan Cetin started them EVS on 1 October 2012.Kahraman Uzan,Samet Sen start them  EVS project on 1 November.

 Abali Fatih and Muharrem Erdogan started them EVS project on 12 December 2012.

Durint EVS stage, the volunteers will perform the next activities:

Working with young people from rroma community(The objective of the project is to offer international volunteers the opportunity to work directly with rroma youth in activities aimed at promoting personal development and cultural understanding through work, sports, creative and artistic programmes, as well as games and chats.  The project will be challenging in the sense that it will require a great amount of physical resilience as well as skills in human interaction, but this diversity will at the same time reinforce a more integral development of the personality of the volunteers.

Tasks: the volunteer’s main tasks will consist in taking care of the youngsters, guiding and assisting them with the selection and realization of the activities in which they are supposed to participate in.

Intercultural work:organizing together with the members from the rural community, festivals caused by community's life events: for example picking up the grapes, mountain sheep departure,it will be done a research about the traditions and customs in rroma communities and it will be promoted.

Organizing local seminar to promote the EVS and the youth active participation to the community`s life