“Volunteer for nature” project aims at implementing an EVS placement in order to promote environmantal education and protection in rural comunities and Roma comunities in the area of Dragasani city.
Project’s specific objectives:
  • Enhancing and acquring new skills for ten volunteers in the field of environmental education and protection
  • Acquiring skills by the volunteers in the field of intercultural education 
  • Combating poverty and marginalization in Roma communities through active involvement of European volunteers to solve social problems.
  • Promoting volunteering within the local communities of promoters
  • Promoting non-formal learning through outdoor activities and active participation of young people by involving volunteers and solving environmental problems in the city of Dragasani.
  • Strengthening the European dimension in partner organizations by providing examples of good practice in volunteering.
  • Promoting active citizenship of ten volunteers through their direct involvement in all phases of the project.
  • Promoting environmental education and environmental protection in schools from Dragasani area, including schools attended by Roma students.
During the implementation of EVS placement, volunteers will conduct several activities such as: "greening the city and rural areas surrounding Dragasani, administrating points of environmental information in  Dragasani, workshops in schools, workshops with local authorities, etc. These activities will be achieved through non-formal education methods such as: debates, outdoor presentation, street animation, role playing, simulation games, theatre-forum, photo-voice, video-voice. 
The volunteering activities will have a duration of 10 months, starting on 1 November 2012 and will involve six volunteers from Portugal, Turkey and Georgia.